radiator is the important part of cool system, The engine cooling system is generally composed of radiator, thermostat, water pump, cylinder waterway, cylinder head channel, fan and so on. In order to avoid overheating of the engine, parts around the combustion chamber (cylinder liner, cylinder head, valve, etc.) must be properly cooled. There are three types of cooling devices for internal combustion engines, water cooling, oil cooling and air cooling. The automobile engine cooling device is mainly composed of water cooling, cooling with circulating water in the cylinder water channel, introducing the heated water into the radiator (water tank), returning to the water channel through air cooling. Take the car as an example, the radiator is responsible for the cooling of the circulating water. Its water pipes and heat sinks are made of aluminum, aluminum pipes made of flat shape, heat sink with corrugated, pay attention to heat dissipation performance, the installation direction perpendicular to the direction of air flow, as far as possible to achieve a small wind resistance, cooling efficiency. The coolant inside the radiator is not a pure water, but a mixture of water (in line with the quality of drinking water), antifreeze (usually ethylene glycol) and various special purpose preservatives, also known as coolant. These coolants in the antifreeze content of 30% to 50%, which improved the boiling point of the liquid. Under certain working pressure, the car coolant allows the working temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius, more than the boiling point of water and it is not easy to evaporate.

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